How you can help?

We are urgently looking for support from the recovery industry to help RISC fund the Campaign, it would be very easy to just sit back and let others fund it, but remember these are people's lives we are talking about, we can never stop the unnecessary deaths, but we can do a lot to even up the odds with Red Lights, Slow Down Move Over recognition and improved Smart Motorways.


Below is the help we want, it is not a lot compared with the return on the investment and if everyone chips in there will be plenty left over to go to the two industry charities to help those the campaign could not protect.


  • Contributors can have their logo / name on the CSRRR website.
  • Contributors can display the CSRRR Logo on their website and in advertising.
  • Contributors can submit requests and suggestions in writing to CSRRR who will consider their value and if appropriate will pass them on to the secretariat.
  • Above all Contributors could be saving the life of one of their members, staff, or customers.

CSRRR’s Commitment

  • The funds raised will only be spent on funding, promoting and furthering the campaign and any expenses incurred by it.
  • CSRRR we will publish annually a comprehensive breakdown of how the money has been spent and this will be available to all contributors on request.
  • At the end of the year any funds left over will have 25% carried over to next year (as a reserve because it is hard to know what our outgoings could be) and the remainder will be split 50/50 between the industry’s two charities AVRO Benevolent Fund and RISC.
  • When the campaign comes to an end all remaining funds will be divided between the same two industry charities.

Payment to CSRRR

  • Setting up a Standing Order is the preferred way to keep cost of administration low. The Campaign for Safer Roadside Rescue & Recovery Bank is Lloyds Bank, the account is account number 46518968 and the Sort code is 30 91 91.

  • If you want to make an immediate contribution ahead of setting up a Standing Order it is OK to make the cheque payable to C.S.R.R.R and send to Isuzu Truck UK Limited, 164 Great North Road, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL9 5JN. FAO: Vijay Patel.

  • Andy would appreciate an email telling him what you are doing.

Recovery Industry Support Charity Charity No. 1115517 164 Great North Road, Hatfield, Herts AL9 5JN
Note: For all none urgent matters please email us at and the correct person will get back to you.

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